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Vasudha Goswami

SriMa International School of Transformational Yoga, India

Vasudha Ji is a Chairperson of SriMa International School of Transformational Yoga, India. She is the brain behind the creation of the  brand new facility of Srima School. She is also a yoga expert and true devotee of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. She has been practising yoga under the guidance of Swami Vidyanand Ji for the last 30 years. 

She was born and bought up in a very small village in Jhansi (Uttar Pradesh). She got married to Swami Vidyanand Ji 35 years ago, and then settled in New Delhi afterwards. She is  presently working in Suraj Bhan DAV Public School, New Delhi. She acts as a strong pillar in the major developments of Srima School. With her expert skills, creativity, strong determination, continued support & guidance, the School is exploring its new heights everyday.

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